Other writing

As well as writing crime novels, I continue to write for other media. After Henry, the sitcom I wrote for both radio and television, is, I’m glad to say, frequently repeated on the wonderful Radio 4 Extra, along with other of my series like No Commitments, Smelling of Roses and Foul Play.

On Radio 4 I am delighted that my actor detective Charles Paris is having a new lease of life, with the wonderful Bill Nighy playing the part in excellent adaptations of my novels by Jeremy Front. Some of these are available as BBC Audio Books.

I also regularly write an annual short play for the Arundel Festival Drip Action Theatre Trail.

So I hope to continue to keep the same variety in the stuff I write. Crime novels are enormous fun, but writing books is a solitary activity. Writing scripts to be performed by actors is much more sociable. So are those moments when I actually do a bit of acting myself. And, like all writers, I do need to get out of the house more!

Seriously Funny… and Other Oxymorons

My 100th publication is a modern book of oxymorons, from 'alcohol-free wine' to 'compassionate Conservatism'

The oxymoron is one of the great beauties of the English language - 'a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory'. Some are so common that they are part of everyday language: when we speak of acting naturally... or a victimless crime... or buy a one-size-fits-all garment... the oxymoron is there, hiding in plain sight.

From Popular Culture, to Political Principles and Business Ethics, this book (sure to be a new classic) contains a seriously funny collection of the most brilliantly silly oxymorons, accompanied by amusing illustrations by Paul Thomas. For example...

Numb Feeling: This can be prompted by many domestic events, such opening a spouse's credit card statement, picking up the telephone bill for a teenager in love, or simply standing on the bathroom scales.

Open Secret: There are many of these in relationships, the most common being a husband having an affair that everyone knows about (except his wife).

Useful FAQ: FAQ is an abbreviation for 'Frequently Asked Questions'. Lists of FAQs are guaranteed to list the answer to every question except the one you want the answer to.

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